Pràctiques de l'assignatura de Circuits i Sistemes Lineals
File Pràctica 1. Morse
Generant i detectant senyals Morse. En aquesta pràctica generarem un senyal en codi Morse i estudiarem alguns dels passos necessaris per rebre i descodificar aquest tipus de senyals.
File Pràctica 2. Simulació
En aquesta pràctica aprendrem a fer servir una eina de simulació de circuits electrònics: QUCS (Quite Universal Circuit Simulator)
File Pràctica 3. Boost Converter
In this lab session we are going to implement the circuit we simulated on our last session. We will be able to generate a DC voltage several times higher than the voltage given by our power supply.
File Pràctica 4. Circuit Dynamics
In this lab session we are going to investigate the dynamic behavior of linear circuits. Specifically, we will investigate an active second order circuit that exhibits different responses depending on a circuit parameter.
File Pràctica 5. Negative Resistance Oscillator
Sine wave generation with a LC circuit. In this lab session we will build an oscillator compensating the losses of a real LC circuit with an active circuit that exhibits negative resistance. This approach may be used to generate signals up to the GHz range.
File Pràctica 6. Ultrasound Communication
In this lab session we will set up an ultrasound communication channel. We will see the effect of proper impedance matching on the achievable communication range.
File Pràctica 7. Filtering
A Bandpass Filter to Remove Noise from a Morse Signal. In this lab session we will build a bandpass filter to remove noise from a Morse coded signal.