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File Magnetic Coupling
Introduction to magnetic coupling
File Grounding and Wires
The "reference" node. Wire essentials
File Passive Components
Passive components are used everywhere. Here you will find some details you have to know about them.
File Oscillators
The basics of oscillators
File Power Supplies
How to power your gadgets
File Solar Power
Some basics to enable gadgets to be solar powered
File Supervisory circuits and related stuff
Power supply supervising, power-on reset, etc
File Thermal Management
The basics of thermal management in electronic circuits
File Electromagnetic Compatibility
Basics on Electromagnetic Compatibility: Don't harm and don't be harmed
File Patent System
Patent System
File Printed Circuit Boards
Printed Circuit Boards
File The Arduino Board
A close look at some details of the Arduino Uno Rev 3 board. Why is there a choke from the USB chassis to the GND? How is reset performed? ...